May 27-28, 2020 Pre-conference Courses   8 am – 5 pm

Medical leadership boot camp  In hospitals and health care organizations all over the country, physicians are often thrust into leadership roles with little preparation. In a recent CSPL members’ survey, current leaders identified the top competencies they believe are required for success and expressed the wish that they had developed these competencies before assuming their roles.


We have borrowed some military lexicon to adapt the concept of basic training to the medical leadership field. The boot camp phase of training encompasses physical and mental readiness, instruction in the rules of engagement, understanding the chain of command, and progressive achievement of skills. In officer training, recruits advance their situational awareness, strategic thinking, leadership skills, and ability to plan and execute initiatives.


Insights Discovery: understanding your personality preferences Insights Discovery is an effective way to increase self-awareness. This tool can help physicians perform at their highest level by promoting effective relationships at work, improving communication, and decreasing conflict. Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung. It’s built to help people understand themselves, understand others, and make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace. The tool uses a simple and memorable four-colour model to help people understand their style, their strengths, and the value they bring to the team.

Dollars and sense Gain the knowledge you need to successfully navigate financial and economic decisions related to your practice.


Physicians regularly face decisions that involve understanding funding, financial implications, and economic tradeoffs. However, these topics are rarely covered in medical school, leaving many physicians puzzled about how money works once they enter the workforce.

Just Culture in healthcare Learn how to create and manage a “just culture”. A just culture establishes a consistent organizational mindset of accountability that positively impacts the work environment and work outcomes. It allows an organization to fairly and consistently manage mistakes and errors in a way that does not automatically punish and to analyze system design and human behaviours in order to understand what happened and why. This allows for true learning and system improvement. Central to its application is the Just Culture AlgorithmTM, an effective tool to provide a just and consistent analysis of human behavioural choices and the way they should be managed.

updated March 13,  2020