About the Conference

The 2024 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership (CCPL) is shaking up the status quo with our theme Shifting the Paradigm.

Gain valuable insights from our keynote speakers and panel discussion that will empower you to drive fundamental change in the health system using a fresh approach. Uncover opportunities for reform with our innovative plenary workshops, designed to challenge your thinking and spark new ideas. Expand your leadership toolkit with our concurrent workshop sessions, offering something for every physician leader.

It is also where we recognize and celebrate the recipients of the Chris Carruthers Excellence in Medical Leadership Award and the latest cohort of Canadian Certified Physician Executives (CCPE).


Conference Learning Objectives

Through face-to-face discussions with colleagues and thought leaders, attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand the current challenges and opportunities in the healthcare system.
  • Foster collaboration and meaningful conversations about possible ideas for reform.
  • Examine different leadership styles and approaches needed to drive transformative change.
  • Enhance skills in communication, collaboration, and decision-making.
  • Understand the evidence-based benefits of self-compassion and how to practice self-compassion in relationships and caregiving.
  • Discuss the role of technology and data in transforming healthcare delivery.
  • Identify the leadership attributes of the S.A.F.E.R. domains to shift the paradigm beyond a results-focused mindset to a people-first focused mindset.
  • Empower physicians to advocate for patient-centered care and equity in healthcare.
  • Develop approaches that can be used to intervene and remediate unprofessional behaviour.
  • Inspire attendees to become agents of change and drive positive outcomes in their organizations and communities.

Why I Should Attend

  • Gain strategic leadership insights providing valuable perspectives on navigating the evolving health system landscape.
  • Engage in cutting-edge discussions to address our current health system realities and explore opportunities for reform.
  • Enhance leadership skills, learn about transformative healthcare practices, and stay updated on the latest trends.
  • Connect with peers, share experiences, and build valuable relationships that can lead to collaborations, mentorship and new opportunities.
  • Experience an inclusive learning environment that caters to physicians at all career stages.

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