2020 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership and all four pre-conference courses

Hello CSPL members and CCPL2020 registrants,

As Physician Leaders, we aspire to serve while balancing uncertainty and interpreting evidence as it applies to clinical care and to leadership challenges.

The COVID-19 issue provides us with a complex challenge in managing the uncertainty, basic epidemiologic principles and evidence only recently formulated across the world.

The CSPL board has been actively considering the implications of all of the above in reviewing the risks and risk mitigation related to our annual conference that brings together Physician Leaders from across the country. In addition, yesterday the BC government issued the directive to cancel all gatherings and conferences with greater than 250 attendees. Will that directive still be in place in late May 2020?

Our assessment is that this question is moot. The current strategy in Canada is that of Viral Disease Containment – minimizing the footprint of the virus in our citizens and, with respect to our health system, reducing the spread of the disease's impact over a longer period of time. If our society continues to be in this phase in May, the conference should not be held. Once we are beyond the capacity for meaningful containment, we are in a phase of mitigating the impact of the virus. A vital aspect of that phase will be the preservation of health care resources to manage the care needs of those seriously afflicted with COVID-19. In that phase, the conference should not be held either. The risk of an aggregation of critically accountable health care leaders being afflicted and removed from their responsibilit ies is just not an option.

In the context of the evolving phases of societal management of this novel and serious infectious disease, we have made an evidence-informed decision to cancel the Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership (CCPL2020) and all four pre-conference courses. We made this decision based on emerging evidence, and the CSPL board believes that cancellation of CCPL2020 is the most appropriate action at this time.

The financial impact on CSPL is substantial but manageable. We will be negotiating with our host hotel in a manner congruent to our values. We will be informing our speakers and registrants of the details of the cancellation. Our view is to the future and CCPL2021 where we would hope to largely reproduce the exceptional program planned for 2020.

Please be patient while we work on the logistics of how best to fully refund our conference registrants; we hope to have news about next year’s conference soon.

Details of the financial impact will be communicated with our members in due course.

We wish each and all of you to be well, stay healthy, and give to Canada what we give best, servant-leadership. If the CSPL can support you in that endeavour, please let us know how we can do so. enter site