What will I gain from attending THIS CONFERENCE?

  • Face-to-face discussion with colleagues and international experts,
  • participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Enhance personal self-management and leadership skills
  • Acquire tools to adequately demonstrate openness of health care systems to welcome gender and sexual diversity among your colleagues and patients
  • Define the main barriers and challenges for women leaders in medicine
  • Describe a plan to enhance your ability to prepare for a negotiation
  • Define the main barriers and challenges for a diverse population in healthcare
  • Develop how a quality management framework enables teams to make real and meaningful improvements in quality and safety
  • Explain why health care practitioners need to change how they relate to and manage those who are in different generations from themselves.
  • Identify strategies that will enhance the recruitment, selection, support, retention and promotion of diverse health professionals


Demonstrate ongoing commitment to physician leadership

Why you should attend!

  • To acquire skills to help you achieve your desired results
  • Network and learn with and from peers
  • Acquire practical skills to help you lead yourself and others
  • Get a feel for current and future trends




Pre-conference Courses -- April 24-25, 2019:


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For more information contact:

Carol Rochefort

Email: carol@physicianleaders.ca

Phone: 613 369-8322


updated February 26, 2019